Sonic.EXE (also known as X) is the main antagonist of the creepypasta Sonic.exe by J.C. The Hyena and its sequel: Sonic.exe/Round 2. It is a demonic entity that possesses a CD-ROM of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, taking on the form of the main character. Then, it proceeds to kill the in-game characters before attacking and removing the soul/killing the person playing his game.

  • He is Another Titular Villain in Minecraft Rogers's ROBLOX Gameplay Videos
  • Although, he wasn't just in the ROBLOX Gameplay videos, he's also in other gameplay's (which they aren't roblox like) from Minecraft Rogers's Sonic.EXE Gameplay Series as The Main Villain in it.
  • He is Also The Main, but Later a Disguise Antagonist in Minecraft Rogers's 2nd Movie Series, Dream Adventures and One of The Main Villains in Insane Adventures and The 2nd The Secondary Antagonist in Minecraft Rogers's Movies