Eyes Revealed Rogers
Minecraft Rogers (AKA Daniel Rogers)

He is The Titular Main Protagonist (Later the Titular Anti-Hero) in His Own (With Sunset) Roleplay adventures, The Robloxia Legion Stories, His Own ROBLOX Gameplay's, his own Movies and many more. His Wives is Sunset Shimmer (Alicorn) and Sereia plus the clone sunset shimmer as well, His Kids are Tails, Sonic, Scootaloo, Abbie Lola, Bask Night, Sunglow. He is The Son of Princess Luna and His Adopted Cousin is Starlight Glimmer. He Became a secretive Ladies Alicorn, a prince of equestria and the alicorn who has the great alicorn's power as he is the future cosmic entity.

  • He Makes Great Friends with the other teams, such as Po, Spyro, Taylor Kreiner , Twilight Sparkle , Fiver and Other Main Leaders...
  • His First Pupil Is Mouhamad Bassal (Alicorn)
  • He is Also an Unseen Main Protagonist in The Whole Five Night's at Zoo's Series, He's Darn Everywhere
  • In the Rogersverse, His New Children are Jade, Sunnyrise and RJ (Rogers Jr) (Which Sunnyrise and Rogers Jr will Appear in Sunset and Rogers's roleplay series)
  • As you all know that is real name is Daniel Rogers
  • His Godparents are Pear Butter and Bright Mac and his Godsister is Applejack
  • His Trio is Tempest Shadow and Grubber

Fun Fact

  • He is the very First OC Ever before all of the other OC's are made...

His Pokemons


Sunset and Rogers Universe: Heroes/Heroines


Minecraft Rogers (Alicorn), Sunset Shimmer (Alicorn), Sereia

Tails, Scootaloo, Abbie Lola, Bask Night, Sunglow, Sonic, Clara, David, Screwball, Rogers's Girls, Moonlight, Bright Glitter, Discord, Emerald, Silver, Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, Oceana (Clone) Fairy Jane, Sunnyrise, Rogers Jr, Contralto, Sci-Twi (Pony), Star Butterfly, Carrie (Good), Lyric (OC), Littlepip, Rick, Gorbash, Thorax, Buck, Gloriosa Daisy (Pony), Maria (Hedgehog), Peng, Kovu, Kiara, Kyle The Hedgehog, Princess Cadance, Flurry Heart, Shining Armor, Clone Shimmer, Fiver, Heather, Bambi, Cream, Roxas, Princess White Flare, Kyle White, Ahsoka Tano, Smolder, Skippy Squirrel, Shadow, Rouge, Clancee, Tempest Shadow, Grubber, Alpha, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Starlight Glimmer, Jeremy, JJ, Kate (Good), Mushu, Rosie The Opossum, Nightmoon, Pinkie Pie, Tikal, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Margalo, Silverlay, Leatherhead, Legolas, Oceana, Mouhamad Bassal (Alicorn), Applejack, Spark, Apple Love, Mew, Pythor, Spike, Rogers's Children, Rainbow Dash, Pear Butter, Ray (EG), Half Tooth, Meta Knight, Ilta, lugia, Sereia's Sisters, Silver (Baby Lugia), Echo The Bat Pony, Ceta, Justin, Zephyr, Ella, Lihwa, Jasiri, Charlie, Po, Saffron Masala, Night Glider, K-2SO, Korg, BB-8, Charlotte, Taylor Kreiner.