Carnage (real name: Cletus Kasady) is a fictional character and a major antagonist in the Spider-Man franchise and one of Spider-Man's most evil and most dangerous enemies. Unlike other members of Spiderman's rogues gallery, who were ordinary people before becoming super villains, Cletus Kasady was already a very dangerous serial killer before the symbiote made him the powerful psychopathic supervillain known as Carnage. Carnage is an archenemy to Venom including Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson, and wishes to destroy both of them so he can cause mass-murder without end. He is also one of the (if not the) darkest, most insane, and most disturbing villains Spider-Man ever faced.He served as the main villain of Maximum Carnage as well as Minimum Carnage,Carnage USA,and for the Venom franchise.

!Spoilers Incoming!

  • well, in venom 2018 movie, there is going to be carnage after all since it's in the mid credits, which that would be good to know