AKA The Demonic Poison Bottle it is a Powerful Supernatural Alcohol Bottle which it is unstopabble and immortal too. It was once a normal bottle, but then a supernatural force begins to create this bottle into an evil monster.

  • He will soon be The Main Antagonist in Minecraft Rogers's Upcoming Deviantart Journal "One Bad Bottle", The Secondary Antagonist in "One Bad Bottle: Nightmare Creation" and The Major Antagonist in The Final Chapter "One Bad Bottle: Rorkamoth's Nibiru"

Other Facts About Him

  • He can transform into a giant monster which it's a final form of him as he would be bigger than a tall building
  • He has the entire Kenetics and powers as he is stronger than any other entity
  • He can kill and touture humans and after killing humans he grows stronger and bigger and creates them into mutant monsters